Time to increase your bottom line | taught by Johnny Ray

Course description

Let’s face it, paying for traffic sucks! The secret to making money online is to maximize your income and minimize your cost. In this course I lay out some of the best ways of getting free traffic, which I hope you take advantage of.

The cost of this course is an unheard of bargain these days considering what you probably are spending on marketing right now, which is why I hope you do take advantage of my friends.

Johnny Ray
Johnny Ray
course instructor

I love teaching courses online and helping others who want to get to the heart of accomplishing a task without all of the wasted time in filtering through so much debris that serves no purpose at all. 

If you like the tightly focus method of learning, then this is the place for you.

I build courses that are in the most part and in some way or the other designed to help those who love to live a digital nomad type life. I also love feedback and with this program I can make changes on the fly very easily so your comments and suggestions will be helping everyone. 

I hope you love these courses and will tell others.

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Course Curriculum

Chapter #1 An introduction
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Chapter #2 Free traffic from video sharing sites
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Chapter #3 Free traffic from social media sites, and web 2.0 sites
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Chapter #4 Free traffic from tutorial sites
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Chapter #5 Guest blogging and forum marketing
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Chapter #6 Social bookmarketing and Q&A sites
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Chapter #7 Free traffic from ebook and document sharing sites
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Chapter #8 Free traffic from press release sites
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Chapter #9 Free traffic from traffic exechanges
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chapter #10 Miscellaneous free traffic sources, saving the best for last
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