This SIR JOHN PRODUCTIONS membership site is a master collection of  my writing life including my novels, business books, short stories, poems, etc. plus various speeches and comical relief skits, and, of course all of my on-line courses I have produced. 

I will over time be moving my novels from publishers who I have given exclusive rights to that are expiring or I am repurchasing them to gain a better control of them. I will be concentrating on business type book in the future and have them available here as well.

The videos will include courses and short training videos, for sure, but it will also contain speeches, and humor that I hope you love my particular style of comical relief , which will be found nowhere else but here. 

Here, however, is the difference between this subscription and the INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL NOMAD SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP SITE. On the society site there will be a lot of interaction in private sites on linkedin, webinars, zoom, etc. allowing members to make connections, plus a large resource  center for members to draw from in their pursuit of the digital nomad lifestyle.  Mastermind groups and conventions are also planned for the future members where only  premium members will be invited.

With that said, there are certain benefits that society members will not get that those on the Sir John Productions Premium site will receive such as my fictional work, speeches, etc. 

What is common between the two different membership sites is the online courses.

With that said you can either join the one best for you or both. Over time I am sure adjustments will be made to make improvements and take care of you, my friend.

Shortly, a super membership site will be added which includes everything for $99 per month. And, a speeches and comical relief skit membership only site will be added for only $9.99 per month.

Also, remember that all books, talks and course, etc, will always be available on an single purchase option.