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Another mesmerizing romantic thriller from one of the bestselling thriller writers in the world, but this time with a spellbinding paranormal romance theme. While love stories of reunion pull at the heart, this one spans time itself as this story of reincarnation attempts to bring two lovers together. 


They finally have one chance to get it right - but . . . can they?

After all, if dreams present a way to live a fairy tale life eternally, why wouldn't you want to live in one forever?

THE JOURNEY TO WHITESTONE is a paranormal romance filled with action and adventure, and set in Atlanta, Georgia and the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. This riveting story of a contemporary romance advances to a world where true love is much stronger than any erotic earthy pleasure, but to achieve the right to advance into the next level of human development they first have to learn the four steps in finding true love.

As Jacquelyn Parker struggles with her life spinning out of control, resulting in a bitter divorce, and her career ruined, she is sucked into a sinister world of late-night sleazy bars. It is her last minute prayer that fortunately finds its way to the Dream Master who controls the gates to Whitestone, a side door to heaven, and the next step in enlightenment. From her dreams she learns that she only has one chance to reunite with her one true love and advance to the next level of enlightenment.

In order for Jacquelyn to master the four steps of enlightenment and find her true love, the Dream Master summons the assistance of other enlightened ones who teach Jacquelyn various philosophies from the Tai chi to the Karma Sutra to guide her path.

After centuries of missing her true love in time and space, Jacquelyn has only one last chance to get it right, and live the ultimate happy ever after life. If she is unsuccessful, however, she will have to live with the tragic failure forever.



As a true international digital nomad, Johnny Ray, one crazy laid back beach guy, has a passion for life and adventure who loves to share his stories in his novels and business books, both with his readers or on stage as a speaker. As an avid traveler and professional businessman conducting business worldwide for years he has made many interesting contacts and received numerous awards for top production.

Johnny has owned and operated several real estate companies, several insurance companies, and a stock brokerage company in the past but currently operates the International Digital Nomad Society, the Sir John Academy, Sir John Productions, and Sir John Publishing. He loves radio and TV talk shows, as well as speaking in front of various audiences as a keynote speaker.  Feel free to contact him if you need a guest speaker. You can find out much more about him and his passion for writing, coaching, speaking, training and helping others through the Internationals digital Society on his about site at

When it comes time to play, he is very active in many sports including dancing, swimming, tennis, biking, and skiing.  While he loves adventures that are new, interesting and challenging, while making worldwide friends that share his passions is a special gift.

Johnny is based in Clearwater, Florida and while he can be found in one of the hundreds of coffee shops along the beach working on his next novel he also travels the world showing others how to be successful as a digital nomad and would love to have you join the society which you can by subscribe to here on this site.

Johnny’s writings have been added to this site to provide funds for the International Digital Nomad Society which provides support and resources to those working, or wanting to work as digital nomads. If you want to purchase his work in paperback, hardback, or an audible form please visit his Amazon author page at . You can also find his books in around 43,000 book stores worldwide. If you do not see it on the shelf, ask the attendant or store owner to order it for you and it will usually be there in 2 days.


Johnny Ray

I love writing novels and generally consider my work to be international romantic thrillers. Many of my novels have made international best sellers, and I have won some awards like the Royal Palm literary award along the way.I am in the process of moving most of my work (except those under a pen name, etc.) over to this site but it will take a few months to do so as I have obligations with various publishers worldwide I have to work out. I would estimate the total number of novels on this site to be around 15 to 20, so keep an eye out for them.My work in the future will be available here as well. Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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