Course Description

This course is broken down to piece by piece lectures where I go over the key elements of the four major paragraphs that all query letters should have. These key elements have to be precise, yet strong enough to grab the interest of the agent.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    New ChapterChapter #1

    • Welcome and introduction to course

  • 2

    Chapter #2

    • Adding your contact information

  • 3

    Chapter #3

    • Establishing connection with the agent or publisher

  • 4

    Chapter #4

    • Creating your bio paragraph

  • 5

    Chapter #5

    • Creating you central pitch

  • 6

    Chapter #6

    • The art of being appreciative and asking for a request

  • 7

    Chapter #7

    • how to handle attachements

  • 8

    Chapter #8

    • Writing your synopsis

  • 9

    Chapter #9

    • Adding sample pages

  • 10

    Chapter #10

    • Establishing your marketing plan

  • 11

    Chapter #11

    • Following up on submission

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